White Label Client Portals 

Sydnee is a white labeled, affordable client portal system that aligns you better with your clients and helps you sell more.

  • REasy Client Access
  • RTasks & Reminders
  • RServices Showcase
  • RBranded File Sharing

No credit card required

Sydnee Client Portal Example for a Social Media Manager

Use Sydnee Client Portals For

Branded File Sharing

Upload images, documents, videos, and any other file to share with your client. Search, sort, and mark files as starred. Grab a branded link or utilize the built in file browser.

Unify All Your Digital Tools

Integrate your existing tools into Sydnee for easy client access. We support Calendly, Airtable, Asana, Vimeo, YouTube, ClickUp and more!


Better Client Boundaries

Toggle your services as active or inactive with a simple checkbox. Ensure your clients see what they’re enjoying now and the potential services they can explore.

One Click Client Access

Generate a magic link for your clients to access. No need to burden your clients with another account for them to access your portal.

Owning Your Brand

Sydnee does not stick our logo onto any of your portals. Connecting your own domain, set your own colors, and using your own logos comes standard.

Stay in Sync and Showcase Your Services 

Store client specific details on active services and a learn more button that links to your marketing website for inactive services.

Store Client Details for Better Records

List your services and check which ones your client is currently . When a service is not checked, link back to your marketing website with a “Learn More” button.

When a service is active, your client now has access to their service details.

Ensure everyone is on the same page by adding client specific details.

Share Files With Your Branding

Upload images, documents, videos, and any other file to share with your client. Search, sort, and mark files as starred. Grab a branded link or utilize the built in file browser.

Shared links have your domain name, color scheme, and logo

A screenshot of the Sydnee Client Portal branded file sharing

Full Quality Image Previews

Store and share images with your clients. Preview them in high quality and download in 100% full quality. 

A screenshot of the Sydnee file image gallery

Boundless Integrations, One Portal.

With Sydnee’s integrations, you can bridge multiple platforms effortlessly, ensuring your clients can access everything in one easy hub.

A screenshot of the Sydnee Client Portal integrations setup

Magic Links: Effortless Access, No Passwords Needed!

Unlock a seamless experience for your clients with our Magic Link feature. Gone are the days of forgotten passwords and tedious login processes.

Just generate a unique access link, share it with your client, and watch them dive straight into their portal—no credentials required. A touch of magic for modern convenience. 🪄✨

Screenshot of the user interface for Sydnee, showcasing the User tab where you can create magic links for your users

Tailor-Made Portals: Your Colors, Your Logo, Your Way!

Dive into a world of vibrant possibilities with our easy-to-use color adjustment tools. Whether you prefer calming pastels or bold primaries, your portal can reflect it all. From backgrounds to buttons, every hue is under your control.

Connect Your Domain

Connecting your website isn’t an uspell with Sydnee. Utilize your own domain for ultimate ownership.

“Sydnee’s client portal system has allowed our niche of escape room clients to have access to all of their important information at any time.

Having all our services laid out clearly, checked on or off, really helped with selling more services to our existing clients and setting boundaries!”

Connor Bearse

Head of Birch River Design Group

Simple Pricing.

Get 100% setup and implemented before ever pulling out the credit card.

Additional file storage can be purchased on each plan

Sydnee Icon Logo

Try Sydnee Client Portals Today

  • RMagic links for easy client access
  • RIntegrate tools like Calendly, Asana, Loom, Google Data Studio and more
  • RBranded file sharing
  • RServices showcase
  • RUse your own domain and logo for full white labeling
  • RUnlimited users for each of your portals
  • RLink to your website when a service is inactive
  • RUpdate the colors of the entire portal