Social Media Client Portal Template

In the bustling realm of social media freelancing, establishing boundaries and optimizing revenue streams becomes as essential as delivering top-notch content.

How can you ensure clear lines of communication, while also presenting additional opportunities to your clients?

The answer lies in utilizing a client portal that lays out the boundaries of your services, while also opening to the door to discussions on expanding them.

We’ll be using our own client portal system as an example since these were exactly the same problems we were facing when we built it!

Let’s take a look at how a social media freelancer or small team would configure a Sydnee client portal. Once configured, generate a magic link access link and include it on the template of your reports.

This is just a jumping off point – we encourage you to adjust it to your own services!

Configuring The Social Media Client Portal Template

Enter the following information into your client portal setup as follows.

Category One: Social Media Management Services

Description: Holistic management of your brand’s social media presence, engagement, and growth.

The social media management service category card in a sydnee client portal.

Service One: Facebook Account Management

Description: Comprehensive management of your brand’s Facebook, driving engagement and growth.
Learn More Button: Link to your website’s Facebook service website page

Service Two: Instagram Account Management

Description: Comprehensive management of your brand’s Instagram profile, driving engagement and growth.
Learn More Button: Link to your website’s Instagram service website page

Service Two: X (Twitter) Account Management

Description: Amplify your brand’s voice on X (Twitter) with strategic posts and audience engagement.
Learn More Button: Link to your website’s X (Twitter) service website page

Indicate Which Services Are Active

Once you have the categories and services configured it’s time to configure your client!

Selecting your client will land you directly into the portal editor for them. Go ahead and check which services are active or not active.

The editor view for the Sydnee client portal.

You will see almost exactly what your client sees – so be sure its configured correctly for them!

Configuring magic link access for the social media client portal.

Add your client to the portal in the “Users” tab and then click the “Copy Login Link” button next to their name. Copy and paste this link into your reports or your communications with your client.

At any point they will be able to see the status of your business relationship as well as what else you offer with no friction. They can set a password and utilize that instead – but magic links make this so much easier.

The Final Product!

Here is what the entire portal looks like when you have configured it as shown above!

When your client clicks in they will know exactly which services are active, information on what services you can expand to, and understand that asking for more is going to require a new agreement!

A screenshot of a configured Sydnee client portal
Connor Bearse

Connor Bearse

I am the founder and head of Sydnee. I also run a marketing agency. When I'm not working with the team or building Sydnee you'll find me at the skatepark.

Use Sydnee Client Portals For

Branded File Sharing

Upload images, documents, videos, and any other file to share with your client. Search, sort, and mark files as starred. Grab a branded link or utilize the built in file browser.

Unify All Your Digital Tools

Integrate your existing tools into Sydnee for easy client access. We support Calendly, Airtable, Asana, Vimeo, YouTube, ClickUp and more!


Better Client Boundaries

Toggle your services as active or inactive with a simple checkbox. Ensure your clients see what they’re enjoying now and the potential services they can explore.

One Click Client Access

Generate a magic link for your clients to access. No need to burden your clients with another account for them to access your portal.

Owning Your Brand

Sydnee does not stick our logo onto any of your portals. Connecting your own domain, set your own colors, and using your own logos comes standard.