New Feature Alert: Customize Your Check Mark Colors for Enhanced Branding!

We’re always eager to bring features that empower you and resonate with the feedback you generously share.

Today, we’re excited to roll out an enhancement that’s been high on demand and will give you even more control over your branding on our client portal software, Sydnee.

Introducing: Customizable Check Mark Colors 🎨

With this new feature, you’re no longer restricted to the default background color of the check mark. You can now align it seamlessly with your brand’s colors or whichever shade you fancy.

Modify the Color of the Check Mark Itself:

To complement the customizable background, you can now also change the color of the check mark! Whether you want it to stand out or blend with the background, the choice is entirely yours.

Why This Matters:

Brand Consistency: Maintaining a consistent look and feel across all your platforms is crucial for brand recognition. This feature ensures that even the smallest details, like a check mark, align with your brand aesthetics.

Enhanced User Experience: A touch of familiarity, like using brand colors, can elevate your clients’ experience, making them feel more at home when using the portal.

Because You Asked For It!
Your feedback is our compass. When many of you asked for more branding control, we listened. This feature is a testament to our commitment to serving your needs and continuously evolving based on your input.

How to Customize Your Check Mark Colors?

  1. Navigate to the ‘Portal Branding’ section by clicking on the navigation item in the header.
  2. Under the ‘Color Theme’ tab, you’ll find the new options to customize the check mark.
  3. Use the color picker tool or enter your desired hex code or rgba.
  4. Preview the changes and once satisfied, hit ‘Publish’. Voilà! Your client portal will now reflect the new colors.

In Conclusion

Your Sydnee portal should be a true reflection of your brand, down to the last pixel. We’re hopeful that this new feature will further enhance your ability to make the portal feel more like ‘you’.

A massive shoutout to our fantastic community for highlighting the need for this feature. Keep the feedback coming, and we promise to keep refining your experience.

To brighter and more colorful days ahead! 🌈

Warm regards,
Connor Bearse

Connor Bearse

Connor Bearse

I am the founder and head of Sydnee. I also run a marketing agency. When I'm not working with the team or building Sydnee you'll find me at the skatepark.

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