Enhanced Task Tagging, Mentions, and Email Notifications

Our latest feature update introduces tagging capabilities in the comments of tasks, complete with email notifications.

Tagging and Mentions

With the new update, you can now effortlessly tag anyone in your account—whether they are clients or teammates—directly within task comments. Simply type the @ symbol followed by the person’s name, and our intuitive system will handle the rest.

How It Works

  1. Tagging: In any task comment, type @ followed by the name of the person you wish to tag.
  2. Notification: Once you submit the comment, the tagged individual will receive an email notification. This ensures that no important mention goes unnoticed.
  3. White Label Emails: If you have set up white label emails, the notifications will be sent using your custom email branding, maintaining a consistent and professional appearance for your communications.


  • Improved Collaboration: Instantly bring attention to specific tasks or comments, making it easier for your team and clients to stay informed and engaged.
  • Efficient Communication: Reduce the need for follow-up emails or messages by consolidating important notifications within the task comments.
  • Professional Appearance: Maintain your brand’s image with white label emails, ensuring a seamless experience for your clients.

We believe this update will significantly enhance your workflow and help you manage tasks more effectively.

As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to continuing to improve Sydnee Client Portals to meet your needs.

Thank you for choosing Sydnee Client Portals!

Warm regards,

The Sydnee Client Portals Team

Connor Bearse

Connor Bearse

Sydnee founder and lead dev. I also run a marketing agency.

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No registration or passwords needed. All your client needs to do to access their account is enter their email to receive a one time access code.

Owning Your Brand

Sydnee does not stick our logo onto any of your portals. Connecting your own domain, white label emailing, set your own colors, and using your own logos comes standard.

Branded File Sharing

Upload images, documents, videos, and any other file to share with your client. Search, sort, and mark files as starred. Grab a branded link or utilize the built in file browser.


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