Team Member Support in Sydnee Client Portals

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new feature for Sydnee Client Portals: the ability to invite and add your team members! This enhancement is designed to make collaboration easier and more efficient for you and your team.

Team Member Support

Invite with Email Addresses
You can now invite your team members simply by entering their email addresses. It’s quick and hassle-free.

When inviting a team mate, assign which accounts they will have access to during the invite process.

Belong to Multiple Teams
Already using Sydnee but want to join another team? Multiple team support is now included. Navigate to your personal settings or choose “Switch Team” from the dropdown menu by clicking your profile image.

Account Access Control
Decide which accounts your team members have access to, either during the invite process or at any time afterwards. This ensures that the right people have access to the right information.

In each account it's easy to add team members individually or all together.

Easy Invite Your Team Members
Getting started is simple. Just navigate to the “Team” tab in your Sydnee Client Portals dashboard and start inviting your team members today.

If your team member misses the email invite, easily resend the invite at any time in the dropdown menu on each pending invite.

For more information on how to invite team members, remove team members, add team members to accounts, resend invites, and revoke invites please see our support article here.

More to Come Sydnee Client Portals

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and features from Sydnee Client Portals. Thank you for being a valued user!

Ready to explore the new team member feature? Sign in to your account now and get started or register today!

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Connor Bearse

Connor Bearse

Sydnee founder and lead dev. I also run a marketing agency.

Use Sydnee Client Portals For

Sell More

In each account portal is a services showcase that makes it easy for your clients to see what additional services you offer and even easier for them to express their interest!

Easy Client Access

No registration or passwords needed. All your client needs to do to access their account is enter their email to receive a one time access code.

Owning Your Brand

Sydnee does not stick our logo onto any of your portals. Connecting your own domain, white label emailing, set your own colors, and using your own logos comes standard.

Branded File Sharing

Upload images, documents, videos, and any other file to share with your client. Search, sort, and mark files as starred. Grab a branded link or utilize the built in file browser.


Tasks & Reminders

Create, comment, assign, and send reminders to yourself or your clients with our task system.

Unify All Your Digital Tools

Embed your existing tools into Sydnee for easy client access. We support Figma, Calendly, Airtable, Asana, Vimeo, YouTube, ClickUp and more!